Guard Patrol Tour System

We have the best guard tour patrol system in todays market. With its special waterproof pad and body covered with durable rubber, the reader is fully waterproof and vandal proof. With its extra large memory of over 10,000 records can be stored before the next download of data. Also with extra long battery life the battery can last more than a month without even charging.
GS-V5 works with 125khz RFID tags; with a simple non-contact swipe, the reader can read information from the tags, and then upload all the patrol records to the management software by connecting the device to USB cable which is attached to a computer, the software can generate many different forms of reports which can demonstrate the guards' patrolling activities and reports can be printed or saved in different format.


You can use upto 500 patrol reader and unlimited number of checkpoints are supported by the software.
How it works:
• The patrolling guard takes the reader and read his own Guard ID to identify himself with the system
• Then the guards go to the checkpoints, the reader will automatically read each checkpoints and no need to touch it. When reading successfully, a green led flash accompanied by a vibration means that a reading has been made. The reader will store the ID number and time for every checkpoint reading.
• After patrolling tour is done, the guard connects the reader to the computer and download the tour to get a data analysis, reporting and management. The reader can store up to 40,000 records so it is not necessary to download them daily. You can download weekly or monthly depending on your requirement. Once the data is downloaded from the reader to the PC it will erase from the reader automatically but will always be there on the PC so you can do back date and can look up old reports or activity.